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Winter Tropic 2000

oil 18 x 23 inches  

My landscapes explore the effects of color and light by pulling together a combination of artistic genres. They move from impressionism, (Pierre Bonnard), to abstract expressionism, (Mark Rothko and Joan Mitchell), and beyond. The idea is to forge a new type of colorfield landscape that takes the theme of the road as an entry both into the work and into dream. The works are all real places, that in viewing them, quietly reveal their location’s distinctive mark as well as being a point of departure into something beyond the real and completely of its own. I draw on the vibrant palette and light of the Caribbean, (where I was born), and South America, (where I grew up), as well as the grayer tones and subtle colors of North America. In doing so, a unified landscape both in theme and in color, is created, delivering along its roads, a sense of peace and a sense of hope within the dream.

I recently had a very successful exhibition at Cuenca's Museum of Modern Art in Ecuador.  The exhibition coincided with the 23rd anniversary celebration of the museum's inauguration.  The museum purchased one of my pastels for the permanent collection.  In June 2005, I will be included as part of a 20th Century Retrospective of American Landscape at the Royal Academy of Art in Moscow, Russia, and in August, the exhibition will continue at the Royal Academy of Art in St. Petersburg, Russia.

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November 1999

oil 35.5 x 44 inches  

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The Straight Road, Leaving Polihale 2000

oil 12 x 17.5 inches  

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Montana, 7 o'clock

oil 50 x 66 inches  

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On the Fringe, Shipwreck Beach  2000

oil 18 x 32 inches

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Violet Curve 1999

pastel 15 x 23 inches

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Light Rain, Wise Road  1999

oil 24 x 36 inches

mredpstl.JPG (17793 bytes)

Orange Autumn  1999

pastel 11 x 15 inches


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Potomac River from Key Bridge  1998

oil  36 x 54 inches

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Fifth West  2000

oil 24 x 30 inches

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Jackson Winter 1998

oil  60 x 112 inches

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Smoky Day 1998

pastel  15 x 22 inches

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Coming Storm 1998

oil  56 x 80 inches

mpuertorico2.JPG (43415 bytes)

Water, Land, and Light (diptych) 2000

oil  60 x 174 inches

mbaretrees.JPG (18259 bytes)

Deep Woods 1997

oil  22 x 15 inches

mmuirwoods.JPG (17690 bytes)

Muir Woods 1997

oil  90 x 48 inches

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